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Nova Murphy

Moog K750612 - Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link

Moog K750612 - Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link

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Moog Chassis Parts K750612: Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit - Sway bar end links connect the sway bar to the rest of your suspension. If your links are damaged or worn, then your sway bar will not perform its best. Moog's line of sway bar end links comes in a variety of shapes and styles, both direct OE-replacement and universal. Moog's rubber end links are direct replacements for stock end links. Easy to assemble, they provide a cushion to absorb vibration and noise.The next step up in performance and durability is Moog's thermoplastic end links. They provide improved handling, are very durable, and last longer than OE rubber end links. Tougher and a little harder, thermoplastic end links are resistant to oils, salt, ozone, and weather; they can absorb substantial loads.Moog's polyurethane end links have very little give and offer the best overall performance boost. Each bushing is designed with a lip to ensure proper alignment. Moog's polyurethane material is resistant to oil, heat, and the ozone. Select OE-replacement models feature full-ball metal studs for smooth rotational movement.

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